Successful Partnership Between Kroger Company, Metro Government Continues

Kroger Customers Can Access Financial Empowerment Services Through Mobile Market

Louisville, KY– A partnership that began a year ago between the Kroger Company and the Louisville Metro Office of Financial Empowerment continues through June 2024. 

The Kroger and Bank On Louisville Food and Financial Access Program supplies on-site outreach for customers of Kroger’s Mobile Market, which travels to neighborhoods that have limited access to food. Phase Three of the program began in April and runs through June. 

Kroger’s Mobile Market is a small grocery store on wheels that allows customers to board the vehicle to shop for fresh produce and staple food items, and they can pay by debit card, credit card, or Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT).

Financial services and information available at Kroger Mobile Market sites includes:

  • Free financial counseling from the Louisville Financial Empowerment Center
  • Free tax preparation services from the Volunteer Income Tax Program (VITA)
  • Access to Bank On Louisville’s certified banking products across 10 financial institutions in the Louisville market
  • Free financial coaching and counseling for people with disabilities

“Connecting with folks about their finances in convenient ways are yielding meaningful results,” said Erin Waddell, Social Service Policy and Advocacy Manager for the Office of Financial Empowerment. “We’ve heard many powerful stories of Mobile Market customers opening Bank On certified accounts or connecting with financial counselors to address issues of credit or debt as a result of our engagement at mobile markets. We’re absolutely thrilled to make connections to these valuable services for customers as they shop for daily essentials.”

The Kroger and Bank On Louisville Food and Financial Access Program is serving four locations this phase with the Zero Hunger Mobile Market, including three new locations to make it even easier for residents to connect with financial services:

  • Goodwill on Broadway – 909 E Broadway, 40204
  • Hillebrand House/Kling Center – 1205 Arthur Kling Way, 40203
  • American Village Apartments – 3700 E Wheatmore Dr, 40215
  • Community Towers – 2526 W Madison St, 40211

The Louisville Metro Office of Financial Empowerment’s mission is to strengthen the impact of the Office of Resilience and Community Services through enhanced economic opportunities that build financial resilience, promote economic justice, and provide access to high-quality resources. 

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